A random trip to Sicily, yeah I am in. My sister, Katie, was visiting me in Amsterdam and she was looking for a good beach destination. Her friend suggested Sicily, which I thought was great because I had never been.

Doing some, okay a lot, I learned that Taormina, on Sicily’s northeastern coast was a popular spot for Italians. It is a colorful town built up on a cliff, over looking the sea.

2 Days in Taormina

I picked a small bed and breakfast that had overlooking views of the sea. We were spoiled each morning with amazing breakfast spreads, awesome lattes, and eggs anyway, enjoying it all from our sea view terrace.  It is still one of the most amazing views I have seen. The funicular to get down to the beach and the town center were each a quick 8 minute walk away.

Some Things to know:

  • Go to a beach club (or else you are laying on rocks)
  • Eat a cannoli
  • Have an ice cream sandwich for breakfast
  • Avoid driving and the train, hire a private driver or take a private bus
  • August is the busiest month to travel to Taormina
  • Less people speak English here, so be patient or have google translate ready.

Read more about my June trip to Taormina with Matt and my sister.

Taormina, Sicily

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