I can not believe I am lucky enough to go to Bali once but twice now! I am so excited to have had the opportunity to go back to a land that I love so much. Everything about Bali is beautiful: the people, the food, the water, the beaches, the temples, animals, jungles….everything.

Back 2 Bali

I’m going, going back, back to Bali, Bali! Well I already went. Taking a trip to Bali in mid September, I was a bit nervous about rain, but turned out to be perfect.

I could spend all day, every day at the beach. However, like most places I visit, I try and get a sense of the Balinese culture, which means getting off the beach. Experience as much as you can.

  • There is more then just beaches in Bali: explore Ubud and the monkey forest, or maybe go diving off the north eastern coast. 
  • Do high intensity excursions first thing in the morning, when the temperature is cooler.
  • If you go to the Sacred Monkey forest and if you have bananas or food the monkeys will find it, and will get it.
  • Driving in Bali is crazy. There are many motorbike accidents so be careful. I highly recommend hiring a driver, or taking the Blue Byrd taxi (official taxi company with metered rides).

Are you planning a holiday in Bali? With lots to do and see in Bali, read my September trip to Bali when you start making your vacation itineraries.


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