Traveling to Berlin, Germany I had low expectations but was soon blown away with how much I ended up loving Berlin. Berlin is one of the cheapest European cities to fly in and out of, stay, eat and do things… and there is a lot to do.


My husband and I decided to visit Berlin, Germany in April for our Easter break as it was about $60 to fly round trip from Amsterdam. Great! My first thoughts of Berlin was industrial, cold, boring, etc, but it was everything but this. Berlin has a great art scene, nightlife is top notch, food is cheap and delicious, there are a ton of museums, and things to do. And alcohol is super cheap so thats amazing. There is this weird sort of grime to the city, that gives it soul and makes you enjoy being there. What I learned on my holiday to Berlin in April:

  • Take advantage of the HopOn HopOff bus or a Trabi tour of the Berlin.
  • Summer months are the most popular time to visit Berlin, but if you visit in spring or fall you will be many of the crowds.
  • Book tours to see the Berliner and other events prior to arrival.

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