Hong Kong has been a city on my top ten cities to visit, and finally I get a chance to go. Matt and I planned a Hong Kong holiday stop over, onto his work trip.We were both super excited and wanted to experience Hong Kong as much as possible.

A 3 Day Hong Kong Holiday in September

Hong Kong is about a 4 hour plane ride from Singapore, 14 hours from Los Angeles. Hong Kong is huge, and 3 days is not enough time as you can spend weeks in this city. If planning a hong kong holiday and only have a short amount of time you will want to stay in either Central on Hong Kong Island or TST on the Kowloon side.

Hong Kong Travel Tips

Be smart when traveling to Hong Kong

  1. The Star Ferry is the best way to go from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. The Star Ferry is the cheapest and quickest way, and it does’t hurt that it offers some of the best views of Victoria Harbour.
  2. Hot and humid weather conditions mixed with steep inclines on Hong Kong Island, make getting around a little difficult. The midlevel escalators are the best way to get from street to street in the SOHO neighborhood of Hong Kong.
  3. When bargaining, offer 1/3 the price the seller names; start walking away and sure enough, you got it for your price.

Know what to expect on your holiday, and read my Hong Kong travel tips.

Experiencing Hong Kong

When visiting Hong Kong for the first time there are some things that should be on everyones list:

  • Victoria Peak is the highest point of Hong Kong Island, and it has sweeping panoramic views of Hong Kong.
  • Temple Street Market at night for dinner, drinks and shopping. Get some of the best street food in all of Hong Kong, not to mention the best deals for the best knockoffs.
  • Intercontinental Hotel at night for a drink and great views of Victoria Harbour, and the famous Hong Kong’s skyline all lit up.
  • Take a trip to the other side of Hong Kong Island, or travel to one of the many surrunding islands for a tropical beach break from the big city.

For a full list of the best things to see and do, read Experience Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known to be a foodies paradise, with traditional street markets mixed with western expats this city is a melting pot of flavors. Are you planning a trip to Hong Kong? If you only have a few days, read my September trip to Honk Kong so you can plan your vacation itinerary.

Hong Kong, China

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