It has been over a month since our last vacation, and I am urning to go somewhere new and exciting. One place I’ve always wanted to try is Marrakech. Something about the food, music, color…the Moroccan culture just attracts me. Reading enough blogs, and seeing enough travel shows, I knew I wanted to go to Marrakech.

Some things I learned through my research was:

    • The souks or markets of Marrakech are super confusing. Hire a guide for a tour around the souks and the medina.
    • Make sure to enjoy one of the many musical dinner shows in Marrakech.
    • Explore the magnificent gardens of Marrakech that hidden behind the sand wash walls of the medina.
    • It is easier to find places that serve alcohol in the new city versus the medina; you will usually find these bars at larger hotels.
    • Dress a bit more conservative and be respectful of the culture. Try not to wear too tight of fighting clothes, and cover shoulders and knees as much as possible.
    • Get out of the city center and explore the surrunding areas. Try camping out in the desert in a traditional Berber tent.
    • Make sure to have a spa day and enjoy hammam; a traditional Moroccan scrub

There was so much that was brand new for me. Warm weather, history, food and relaxation, what more could you ask for? Read about my November trip to Marrakech..

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