Lucky to Matt’s job, I was able to tag along for my first Singapore holiday. This is my first time traveling to Singapore, and I was curious about so many things like the food, the strict laws and the cleanliness.

A 2 Day Singapore Holiday in September

Singapore was never on my top ten list, but like hell if I was going to pass up on a trip here. I am so glad I visited this city, I gained a whole new appreciation of architecture and what we can build. Singapore is a pretty small nation state, so a short trip is perfect. What I learned on my Singapore holiday:

  • Expect to pay high taxi fares ($50 min) during the Grand Prix, or plan routes ahead of time with Singapore’s excellent public transportation.
  • When planning a Singapore holiday, plan to visit in August, as weather conditions are the best this time of year.
  • As I mentioned this city is very clean and organized so be mindful of the many laws in Singapore. Chewing gum is not allowed. No joke.

Get a better idea of what you want to do on your vacation by reading my September trip to Singapore.

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